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General questions
What does your company do?

Optimal Solution LTD is a company that has earned an immense reputation in the crypto trading platform. The company has thousands of reviews from satisfied customers and a vast number of financial operations, with a significant total capitalization.

Are there any hidden payments or taxes demanded from the investor?

The company pays all required taxes itself under UK law. Nothing is required from the investors, we will make all the necessary deductions for you.

Does your company have the necessary documents which confirm the legality of its actions?

The company disposes of a full package of needed licenses, certificates, and permits. The documents can be viewed in the section "About Us".

How to become a company investor?

Anybody who has reached the age of majority can receive a passive income and invest, as well as can be active in attracting partners to the company.

Financial questions
How do I open a deposit?

To open a deposit at Optimal Solution LTD you need to register on our website, accept the user agreement, deposit funds to your account with the amount that you plan to invest. Choose the most convenient rate plan and start making profits!

How many deposits can I open simultaneously?

There are no restrictions on the concurrent opening of multiply deposits, furthermore, you can use a convenient system of reinvestment that will automatically increase your deposit and, consequently, compensations for it.

What are the minimum and maximum investment sum?

The minimum investment in our company is $ 15, the maximum is $ 10,000.

What is the minimum sum available for the withdrawal?

The minimum required sum for withdrawal is $ 0.1 For Perfect Money and EpayCore. For cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH - minimum withdrawal is 25$. For all other cryptocurrencies - 5$

What payment systems do you use?

To make it easier for our partners, we have chosen the most popular payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advanced Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, BitcoinCash. We plan to expand the number of accepted payment systems in the future.

In what currency do your company’s payments are made?

The main currency of our company is the US Dollar, accordingly, all incoming cryptocurrency payments are automatically converted into dollars at the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction and, respectively, all outgoing payments to cryptocurrency wallets from our company are converted into one or another cryptocurrency and sent to the correct account at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

How long can it take to withdraw profits?

Withdrawal to payment systems can take up to 72 hours. If you have difficulties with withdrawing funds, please contact our customer support system.

Other questions
How to create a personal account in your company?

To create a personal account of Optimal Solution LTD, you need to click the "registration" button at the top of the site, then fill in all the necessary fields, accept the user agreement and click the registration button. After that, your investor account will be created.

Is my account securely protected?

Our company uses the most modern protection against hacking and guarantees the protection of your data and account from third parties access.

I have lost access to my account, what should I do?

To restore access to your account, you can use the password recovery form or contact the technical support service of our company.

Can I transfer funds to another payment system different from the input system?

Withdrawals can only be made to the payment system from which the deposit has been processed.

Can I close a deposit prematurely?

Investment plans do not provide for the premature closing of the deposit.

Is it possible to delete the created account?

Yes, you can delete your created account by contacting the support form of feedback.

I have not found an answer to my question, what can I do?

If you have not found the answer to your question, you can always contact our specialists from the support team through the feedback form on our website and they will definitely help you!

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